Romping it up!

Over the past couple of months, my life has changed drastically. I haven’t blogged since….March? dogpink In any case, I’m back to regularly blogging. I am now a high school graduate and a U of T student! I have a new job, and practically, everything in my life has flipped. kurukuru

I’ve seen my style grow so much so quickly! tiny-bunny2 I’ve graduated to SCawaii. (Well, mainly because Cawaii! discontinued T^T). I was also planning on graduating from Popteen as well. It never really inspired me, and I’ve never been a fan of Kumicky, and seeing her on the cover ALL…THE…TIME…didn’t make me too happy.poo Just when I thought I was going to buy my last spring issue, I’ve heard that a new model came in – Rina Carolina! pink-heart There’s been soo much controversy since she joined. But I really do love her! (she’ll never replace Reira Kurihara though!beating-heart  I PRAY SHE JOINS SCAWAII!) I know that although I graduated to SCawaii, I still inspire from a 12 year old?! Oh well, I love Rina’s style – no one could ever guess her real age, and she is the only reason I continue to buy Popteen! Plus, she also is of mixed heritage! tiniexclamation


 6_15_10_3 6_15_10_8 6_15_10_10 6_15_10_1

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She’s gorgeous, you can’t argue with that.tiniexclamation


starry03 starry08 starry09 starry10 starry11 starry12

I’ve really been overwhelmed by the amount of rompers, mostly denim, in Popteen in their June issue! And of course…I couldn't resist:

アリーナ Romper アリーナ Romper2 アリーナ Romper3 アリーナ Romper4


I love rompers! Their so easy & comfortable. And really a big hit this season.

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Written on Sunday, June 20, 2010 at 8:13 PM by Alina Varvarici