Change of location.

No, not the blog URL. I’ve been accepted into 国際教養大学 (Kokusai Kyōyō Daigaku) or simply AIU in 秋田市 (Akita Shi) in  秋田県 (Akita Ken), 日本. [Akita City, Akita Prefecture, Japan.] I’ll be there starting late August until late March, 2012! Although I’ve just finished only my first university year here, I do need a break from Canada! I’ve been complaining about it for a while, and I think everyone is thrilled I’ve finally shut up about it. Akita is extremely convenient as my best friend already lives there and I know a few people in Tokyo I’m dying to see. I’ve been thinking about changing the layout and re-vamping the blog as a sort of “International Student’s Crazy Life Blog” which I was told it’ll be by the office at my university, but that’ll take work. Akita is going to be the closest I’ll be to Russia ever since I was born there and my parents decided to move to Europe…then Canada. So, I feel like be sort of retouched with my roots, as Russia is only a boat ride away.

Momentarily, saving $ is my main goal…so we’ll see how that goes! XO   And of course, waiting for August! <3

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Written on Monday, May 23, 2011 at 7:58 PM by Alina Varvarici