vintage in Japan one: don don down on Wednesday

If you live in Japan and want to enjoy vintage / thrift shopping, Don Don Down on Wednesday is a place I highly recommend you visit! There are many locations all throughout Japan. I myself have visited one of the two locations in Akita City where I lived, which is accessible by bus from Akita JR Station. All their locations and more can be found at their website:

Also, check out the Staff Blogs! Find each shop's blog by prefecture, than see how they style their merchandise, what new items they have, and of course awesome deals.

Don Don Down's concept is very simple. Costumer sell their clothes, after which the staff price them on a scale. Each price is represented by either a fruit or a vegetable, and each have their own price. Prices go down every Wednesday; for example something which was priced. For example something priced a "Banana" (1500円) can go down to a "Mushroom" price (900円), and so on. The concept is very simple, not to mention incredibly cute and creative! They even have a video posted on their website explaining the process.

You can find tons of clothing and accessories, and they even have a special "branded" clothing, with very affordable pieces!

Check out these 4 ads I came across from an immense pile of magazines I accumulated while living in Japan: (click to enlarge)

scan0001 scan0002

scan0002 scan0005

[How incredibly cute are the assembled coordinates? And so cheap too!]

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Written on Monday, May 7, 2012 at 12:15 AM by Alina Varvarici