It has been six months since I moved back to Japan. The atmosphere is so much different here in Aichi, than in Akita where I used to live. I’m still getting used to my surroundings. I’m  trying to make my apartment feel like home, and IMG_0248 IMG_0575

sometimes that can be difficult. I miss everyone back in Toronto, but I also learn to make the best of my time in Japan. Becoming a Japanese resident is something I never expected in my life, but I welcome the change. Currently, I’m trying to be more physically active, and thinking about starting ballet lessons next month. I have also wanted to start jogging again – but the heat is just too unbearable in Nagoya right now. Mostly, I have been getting back into sketching and watercolor again, and working on my left sleeve – which I’m most excited about. Traveling around Japan and collecting pieces from the best tattoo artists in Japan has been a big highlight.


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Written on Monday, July 20, 2015 at 12:14 AM by Alina Varvarici